Malala Yousafzai Winner of the Noble Peace Prize

If not every one of us then most of us are aware of the story of a 15 years old girl shot by a gunman in 2012 in Swat Valley of northern Pakistan. I felt heartbroken when I read the news because Malala was someone I knew through her meaningful videos and interviews. I still remember it was winter and suddenly I came across one of her speeches and I said on the moment was Oh wow what a talent!  No wonder why she is named Malala.

Malala reflects the Malalai of 1880s, a teenage Pashtun girl who used her poetry to encourage Pashtun army against the invading British army at the battle of Maiwand. She put herself in the line of fire to fight the enemy and defend her country. Her powerful words

My love! If you do not fall in the battle of Maiwand,

By God, you will be saved as a symbol of shame

He poetry is seen as the reason of victory in the second Anglo-Afghan war.  She was a martyr in the battle of Maiwand. Since then any lady with charismatic character is called Malala. So, when it comes to our little Malala, Interestingly; it’s not only the name ‘Malalai but also the spirit of Malala Yousoufzai that reflects Malala of Maiwand. She is courageous, loving, smart and brave enough that despite being shot in the head and  endless threats, her words are

“They cannot stop me; I will get my education if it’s in home, school or anyplace”

Malala belongs to the place where women are faced with countless barriers and are deprived from their basic rights such as education, freedom of speech etc. In those areas, most of the dynamic of the society are formed on patriarchal background. The common perception and norm of the society is that men are made for work and women to stay home raise kids and do the household chores. They have no say in the matter that impact them the most. In such a society when a girl like Malala is found that is gift not to her family but the entire society.  It’s very inspiring whenever Malala gives credit to her father and explains how her father worked with her and played a wonderful role in her life. I know it’s a not easy for a man in patriarchal societies to challenges all traditions, break all rules and make his daughters chase her dreams.

Malala’s father did what he could for her daughter but the story does not end with one man and his daughter there is a lot of work that needs to be done to secure future of these thousands of impoverished girls.

Malala should be used an example and emerging hope for girls and an inspiration for parents to send their daughters to school.

It’s wonderful to read that she is struggling to launch an organization to find ways to make it easier for poor girls to achieve their educational dreams.


The Pashtun poet Ajmal HYPERLINK “”  HYPERLINK “”Khattak’s poetry for those who hate or do not support Malaia

                    My Malalai is living, and they praise others’ beauty.

Though they have eyes, they are blind.

Note:  This Poem is originally written for Malalai of Maiwand


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