Psychology of Human Behavior

Life is full of happy and sad moments. Sadness and Happiness both have direct correlation with our behavior and affects us in many ways. When we are hurt, offended, disrespected we devolve negative feelings which lead towards disking ourselves and everything around us. On the other hand when we are happy we develop positive feeling. These positive feelings make us love everything about us and in the world. We live in the society where on daily basis we interact with human around us.  The behavior of some people has always surprised me. Some time they sound like good friends while other time they act no less than a foe. In a moment a person could make you feel on the top of the world or worthless. With the  passage of time  all these experiences will consequently bring us to limit our interaction with human being. It  might be an alternative but is surely not a constructive solution, So as a result of not being convinced with the alternative,  I start to do some research about ‘human behavior’


Aristotle, the Greek philosopher writes “Man is a social animal. He who lives without society is either a beast or God”. Man is by nature a social animal. He is born in society lives in society and dies in society” in other place Aristotle argues that necessity compels man to live in society. Man has a variety of needs. If he leads a cooperative life with his fellow beings in society he can easily get his needs fulfilled” The argument of Aristotle claims that  human need companionship and due to that companionship we are depended on each other for comfort, pleasure  successes, and sympathy. Some time in order to escape from loneliness we require company of people their affection and esteem. Therefore our dependency on each other inherently led us to effect or be affected by each other’s behaviors. When people around us full fill our expectations we see them with positive lenses but when our expectation does not produce a desire result, we get upset and generate negative feelings.

 Subjective Behavior:

Subjective feeling is a process the way individual experience things around him. Each of us has brought up differently in different circumstance. We grow up by practicing different values and principles. Every one of us behave in particular way we were thought or been brought up. Subjective behavior is specific individualist behavior and varies from one person to another. Two different mindsets cannot think similar therefore cannot expect from others to feel how we feel or how we behave towards different events in life.

Objective Behavior:

The objective behavior is often collected with it is a feeling which can be easy seen, understands and measured. Irrespective of our genes we all have common behavioral manifestations which can be masseur thorough “flushed face, muscle tensing, tone of voice, rapid breathing, restlessness, or other body language. For instance when we win a game our face expression can illustrates our happiness while in other hand when lose something we fee distressed. These expressions are common across human societies

Psychology of Human behavior: 

Subjective and Objective behaviors, illustrates that psychology of Human behavior is  based upon observable and noticeable behaviors which can be seen through the basic understanding of  emotions. Emotions are specific reactions to a particular event that are usually of fairly short duration. Emotion often identified as feelings; “include experiences such as love, hate, anger, trust, joy, panic, fear, and grief. Normally people have very similar inner responses to the same emotion regardless of age, race, or gender, “when people are under stress, their bodies release adrenaline; this hormone helps prepare the body to either run away or fight”

Although every one of us experiences emotions in one way or other but yet, “scientists do not all agree on what emotions are or how they should be measured or studied. Emotions are complex and have both physical and mental components” scientists argue emotions can neither be studied nor measured.


Human is a social animal and for survival he has to make coexistence with his fellow being. The coexisting generates all sorts of emotion, angry, joy, happiness, sadness love, and pleasure. Since the mind is complex and noticeably individualistic hence behaviors does not seems to have a certain standard. To understand human behavior a little more  its further described as These emotions are subjective and objective which help us to understand each other’s behavior and avoid unnecessary argument with each other and fewer the limit  of our expectation


1- For survival coexisting is must therefore balanced behavior should be adopted.

2- Understand the human fully balance their all good and bad points, do not judge people only for the things they have not done for you but also look at all those things they have done for you.

3- Keep expectations minim not everyone in this world is born to make you happy or fulfill your desires.

4- Before making any decision please do consider all the reason behind the reaction of the person and try resolving the argument through attacking the reason not the person.

5- Give person a space when they are mentally disturb

6- Do not  take make  decision in anger it never produce desire result.


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