The word commitment can be described in different ways. Commitment means different things to different people. Whether it’s individual, family, school office or any relations commitment plays the key role in the effectiveness of that foundation. For instance, when we live with a family we are committed to the rules that head of the family sets. In other words, while we are working in any office the efficiency and productivity of office is highly depended on the commitment of its employee and their hard-work. I can give many examples and can go on and on but my aim is not to list what commitment means to people, or how they understand it,  I rather want to write as an individual what commitment is all about in a relationship.

I have grown up in a family where I have always seen the beautiful character of a men and women, whether it’s my doctor paternal uncle or illiterate maternal uncle. I found them fully committed to their relationships and family. Therefore I have always thought that relations are simple, pure and loving. However, we are currently going through a rough time. We are dominated by technology which makes it easier for people to talk with multiple people at the same time and do not stay committed to anyone of them. The various social networks make is playing an important role in facilitating it. For instance, people on daily basis confess about their love and commitment to their so called ‘significant other’. They are likely to count on these words, build trust and find it a pleasant feeling, but the question is whether it is enough for sustainability of a relationship and long-lasting love.

Love that most of us attribute to starts with attraction and attention. When one pays attention to us or show up as caring person we start to believe it as a true love. We make it the beginning of our conversation. We start talking; making promises and show a very beautiful world to each other by mere exchanging of certain cheesy statements. This scenario will make us think that we are loved and found the love we were dreaming but the butterfly in the stomach feeling ends when we are faced with reality. It’s when we realize that love goes beyond butterfly feelings. Cracks in relations start appearing when promises are merely rhetoric and nothing actually happens. This is the time when we feel the insecure and fragile feeling. We realize that we have built and invested emotions in a relationship that lack the base – commitment .

Commitment can be premised the foundation of any relationship given that it comprises trust, integrity, care, protection, responsibility, honesty, and loyalty. There can be no sense of security, no emotional stability without a base that is constructed out of the cement of commitment. People might take commitment a simple word. But it can go further than that. It is deeper than ocean and very important to keep. It can manifest itself as one’s self-control and principle. It’s not only about one party, but contributing equally to both who are in the relationship. It jeopardizes the emotions and feelings of the other person who is being hurt/betrayed. However, it is hard to find the values associated with commitment within those people who lack such innate characteristic.  These types of people find it very easy and normal to betray and hurt the feeling of the other person.

They might be successful to betray people or hurt them but that won’t be long lasting. One day, it will come to an end like everything else in the universe. Commitment is a beautiful word. It sounds sweet. It is the charm of your personality. It gives glow to your character and enriches your values.  When people trust us it means they count on us. It means that we are very special to them. This in return makes us responsible. It is very important to keep the trust people have on us. Because trust is build only when we find the other person special. Taking this into account, we must never think of breaking that trust. At times, it is not only breaking the trust, but also breaking the person. Trust being an essential element of commitment can lead us to find eternal love in a temporary world.

I have always been a person of principle and values I believe if a relationship lacks commitment then it does not worth to hold up on it. I believe it is not worth keeping a relationship where commitment is absent. It is when we find the other person is has affair with some other people too. I believe it is very unethical and awful to keep multiple relationships. This might last temporarily with not a good result at the end therefor, do not fall for everyone; do not trust the person who only shows you green gardens. It will only end in emptiness followed sorrow and unhappiness. Fall for a person who does not limit your freedom, who enriches your security, who pushes you to seek knowledge who stand with you regardless of different circumstances  and finally a person who tells you that,

I love you and I will live up to my  words because commitment is the essence of my  love.

Life is too short. Before it comes to an end; we need to realize that a life encompassed with values, respect and principle is worth living. Be the reason of people’s joy not tears.


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