Zma Bachai – My Child

In a cold winter He was a blossom of spring

His smile was the shin of my eyes

He learnt walking while holding my hand

He learnt reading while sitting at my side

I was dreaming to see him flying

Today I cooked his favorite dish

Waiting he will come and we eat

I was waiting and he did not come

I went out to see where he went

I went out and saw nothing but the

Parts of human body here and there

I look at the small pieces I saw

They were the pieces of no one else

But my own sweet little child

Zoya/ Zoi- My Child

Are these small fleshes yours

Is this flowing red blood yours

No, No they are not yours

Yes the blood is of your and my son

Ahhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhhhh

Why did you come to my life?

When you had to leave me in endless tears

I do not believe it when people say you’re gone

How could you leave me alone?

You said you want to be a doctor

To safe me from all dangers

Time cannot be that cruel on a mother

I everyday wait for you to come

I want to hold you and hug you tight

You know having you at my side

My everyday is so colorful and bright

My sweetheart please come back

Without you my heart is full of grief

And my life is nothing else

But just a yellow falling leaf

(Bachai and Zoi are Pashtu terms that my parents use for me.I used them in this poem because I know the unconditional love of parents embedded with these two words. Both of them are the sweetest and priceless words often Pashtun parents use)


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