Why Should We Support Our Cricket Team

The day our  Cricket  team was out of the Cricket World Cup, I came across comments, condemnations and discouraging statements by Afghan Cricket fans around the globe. I found those statements and comments very unjust . Unjust in a sense that, we have far too quick way too soon turned blind eyes on the fact ‘how our national  team emerged and came into screen to play in World Cup’ which was once a dream for all of us.

Therefore, I  believe  it’s always wise to think before we write/type,  I also think that it’s equally wise and important  if we soft down our tone and admit that, winning and losing is a part of any game. Our National team is playing for the first time in the history of Afghanistan on International level. For me, that is an achievement and success in itself. Hence in spite of fact the afghan team deserve nothing but back up and support. Irrespective of their performance in the world-Cup matches, we should not let them feel down. They have already got a lot of fans and I’m proud  to say that, I am one of the greatest of them 🙂 I have faith in their abilities and nothing will let me   lose faith in them.

Its a  noteworthy fact that,  in last couple of years the performance of our cricket team has gradually improved and they are doing well accordingly.  They have brought Cricket in Afghanistan to the level where we start believing not ‘dreaming’  that sooner or later in the world of Cricket  Afghan team will be among the strongest teams. So, My dears prior to show or burst out your frustration on this team, do me a favor, press the reverse button and recall the time- ‘ Wasn’t it a dream for you to watch your national team one day playing   in the world cup. I know the answer is definitely Yessss!

Practice makes one better, lets consider that this World Cup was a learning experience for our players. They will be learning from the performance of better players and will also learning from their mistakes and hopefully will not be repeating.

To put it in a nutshell, I enjoy every match they play and I am against all those comments, feedback and statements  which are not in favor of our team because of the fact that, we have no reason to give up on this team while we have plenty and every reason to always back them up.

I support our team for the below reasons.

1: We must support this team, because of this team our national Anthem is heard across the world and in the glory of wind our beautiful flag is waved

2: We must support our team; because, of them our country is represented on the globe where the world see us the lover of sport not a nation of weapons.

3: We must support this team, because they introduce and brought Cricket as nation game for the first time to our Country.

4: We must support out team; because, the game which unite us even more. When our team is playing every one of us watches the matches and follows it with passions.

5: We must support this team; because, they are in the same boat of hardship with us they think they are part of ordinary afghan society not the high class.

6: We must support this team; because, they have brought the team to international level by effort and talent not by any kind of illegal deal and corruption.

They have responsibility to give their best in every match and we have responsibility to back them up any time we feel they are falling. We should realize that cricket holds a special place for us and your country. Through cricket the name of our country is written in the modern history of the sport. Before we used to cheer for other teams but it’s such a blessing to see that our own national team is playing and we are cheering for them.

Last but not the least; we must support this team because they deserve it, we must love this team because they are lovable and we must trust this team, and they are trust worthy. ❤


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