He refused to help me, She helped me and I helped Him

The term kindness knows no boundaries or limits, be it ethnicity, color, gender, religion, or any other attribute. It’s a universal language that anyone can speak and understand. The chain of kindness is not only limited to human beings; rather, it can be found in every living being. Similarly, kindness is considered by every religion and belief – it is not bonded to any one particular religion. If you love something, the great way to demonstrate it to the beloved — or to grow that love within you — is through practicing and following its teaching, principle, values, and ethics. If I were to ever give the example of kindness and humbleness, I would proudly write the name of Great Ghafar Khan – also known as Pacha Khan. In his every teaching I find kindness. He never gave up on kindness or humbleness irrespective of how he was treated.

At times, we may reach the highest stairs of success, but what defines us is not the amount of degrees we collected; rather, how kindly we have treated the people around us.  I grew up in a family where wealth is, and never was, a major concern. The core value of my family is how to be kind, how to help others, and how to behave positive. As a result of these core principles in my family, I am now able to help even those people who hold negative intentions towards me if they were to ask me for help. In other words, I feel glad to be kind and supportive to people irrespective of their attitudes and behaviors without any expectation.

 I have recently started a job in a law firm. Currently, it takes almost two hours using upwards of five busses for me to get to work. Eight hours of work in a law firm and four hours of travel — every day — can be as exhausting as one can imagine; but nevertheless, I see that many little positive things are always happening in my life. This gives me energy to cope with the hardships of life.

One March 28, 2015 I took a bus from my work place back home. I have no idea how on earth I was lost in such a deep thought that I did not realize that I had missed my bus stop. When I realized, I was at  a totally different bus stop. I got off the bus and went to find the right bus to take back to my home. I had already paid and had only 30 cents – certainly not enough to pay for second time. I was thinking whether or not the bus driver would listen to my story. As soon as I got in the bus and tried to explain my situation to the bus driver, he behaved rudely, asked me to pay again and did not listen to my words.

I became very annoyed and tried to explain once again, but he kept insisting that I get off the bus. I again told him that I had a credit card but no cash to pay at the moment, but what I could was to pay him the bus fare once I arrived at the subway station. I was wondering what to do, and this was the moment when an angelic woman gave me three dollars to pay for my ticket. I thanked her and told her that she is very beautiful, kind and helpful. She replied “its okay! do not worry”. Her act of kindness has once again made me realize that humanity still exists.  When I got onto another bus, I tried to explain my situation to that bus drive as well, but all he said was “you are fine, come on in.” I smiled and got onto the bus.

Interestingly, as soon as I got off this bus to take another bus, I saw a man asking for 25 cents to top it up with the rest of the cash and pay the ticket. He came to me and asked, “do you have 25 cents, I need it to get to my home.” I had 30 cents, so I gave him all of it and he thanked me in a similar way that I thanked the angelic lady.

In this incident, five people were involved — all from different backgrounds: African, Middle-Eastern, Asian and Western.

Moral: As I said  in the beginning of this blog, kindness is the language every living being can speak; it does not know any limit and goes beyond any boundaries, i.e. race, color, religion, language. Life is a circle what goes comes around. Be kind, helpful and humble to yourself, everyone and everything around you.


2 thoughts on “He refused to help me, She helped me and I helped Him

  1. OMG! Words cannot express how much I LOVED this blog! What an incredible experience; it’s amazing how the law of attraction works, eh — something that I am a very firm believer in. You are a beautiful, kind-hearted, and genuine person, so you ended up attracting the same kinds of people (minus the asshole of a rude bus driver in the beginning).

    I love personal stories that have such sweet happy endings. Keep writing blogs like these, my darling. It makes my heart smile all big-like, and reaffirm my hope in humanity. Much love to you always! ♥♥♥


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