Kabul A Rainbow On Eid

       Eid al-Fitr known as the Fast-Breaking. It marks the end of Ramadan and the start of a feast that lasts up to three days. Eid is an important Islamic Festival and has significant importance for Muslim across the globe. The common principle of this event involves waking up early dressing up and praying either in mosque or at an outdoor prayer ground. Although these are the main and common values of Eid but however, when it comes to celebration this huge event  each country has its own unique traditions. Eid has always been my favorite festival due to a reason, that Eid  was a great chance for me to buy new cloths and collect money 😀 When I was a little kid my parents would buy me new cloths, I would go to visit my family and relatives. Collect Eidi (the traditional gift of money, often given by elders younger).

Ugh, it still sets me off that I no more receive money for free but wait a moment- Yaayy my dad is the only person who still gives me money on Eid. Regardless, of how much he gave me its a like a millions of $ for me 🙂 I know Eid is more fun when you are a kid but it does not mean that I do not like it anymore. No, I still love it and I love they ways its celebrated in our Country.

Well, Taking into consideration that Afghanistan is widely known as the battle field yet what I saw in the very recent documentary about Kabul on Eid days, was not a black and white picture but colours which made Kabul looked like a rainbow.

The documentary represented the busy areas of Kabul city where people were gathered to walk down the beautifully decorated street. The loud music in the background was fascinating which was making more and more people to join the crowed accordingly. Yes the display attracted me too and I wished to join all those beautiful people in the busy shopping malls and decorated streets, but I sadly, I live far away from them. However, while watching the documentary, I was smiling the entire time 🙂 The glisten of the brightly decorated road was adding to the Eid spirit and my smile. This is what the documentary presented about Afghanistan. I’m glad someone  tried to look at the happy side of Afghanistan.

Oh yeah one More thing!.

Afghans are known for their love of food, and Eid for them is not  complete without a huge (Dastarkhwan) of different kinds of dry fruit, cookies, Cakes, sweets and delightful desserts. Afghan people make best use of their Eid holidays by celebrating the festivities with their friends and family and testing the delicious food and having yammi green tea. this provides family and friends a chance to strengthen the bond.

So when you meet an Afghan on Eid day’s do not forget to tell him/her (  اختر مو نیکمرغه روژي اوعبادتتونه مو قبول ) or ( عید تان تبریک روزه و نماز تان قبول)

Well, Wait a moment I remember one more last thing  before I conclude  my blog 😛 . For many people in Afghanistan Landai adds to the beauty of Eid.   (landai is centuries old two-line Pashtun poems often viewed as  self-expression) So here you go this is one of my favorite Eid Landai  😉

اختر ته ځكه خوشالېږم چې

مسافر اشنا مې كلي ته راځينه

Translation “I am very much happy on the arrival of Eid because my beloved is coming back home from (abroad) 

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