True Friendship

     Today I read a small book named ‘Friends Forever’. Miss Rose middle-aged teacher who taught students from grade five to eight. She was a kind teacher who explained lessons with live examples for the students. Due her unique way of teaching and kindness, students every day early waited for her. One day when she entered the calls, one of the students raised his hand and asked a question, do you really feel true friendship exist? Do you ever see a never ending bond between friends? Miss Rose replied, Yes, I have seen a true friendship and continue to narrate a story about two of her students John and Martin.

John belonged to an affluent family and was very mischievous. He enjoyed annoying others and believed that if he wants to be loved he has to do something wrong so people will pay attention to him.  Once Ms. Rose, could not put up more with his rudeness so, made him sit beside the best student of the Class Martin. Martin was very intelligent and extremely polite student. During the break John ate all Martin’s lunch box and the next day he  tore one of the pages of Martin’s book and thought, Martin will be annoyed and started to fight, but instead Martin went and asked his friends for glue to join the pages of his book.

John tired every possible technique to annoy Martine, but Martine took everything easy and tried to ignore arguments or fight with John. After a month of misbehave finally John asked Martin, where do you get this patience why you do not fight me back when I annoy you? Martine replied, why would I hurt someone unnecessarily, when I know I can mend back the particular item or when there exists some other solution to that problem. This time Martin asked John why he enjoys when he annoys others. John in a very sad voice replied, I do not normally see my parents around me so I don’t often get the chance to talk to them, I do only when I break something at home and act impolitely. Now I believe if I want attention I have to do something wrong.

Martin felt very sad  for John and told him what he has learned from his mother, “When you hurt someone’s feeling it hurts you back at a double rate” Martin continued and promised John that he will be his life-time friend irrespective of good for bad time.Years went by. Their friendship grew stronger and stronger. Martin helped John and his studies and was always there whenever John called on him.

One day unexpectedly, the school building started vibrating in a very violent manner. It was earthquake so teachers announced that all students should come out of their classes. Just to make sure that classrooms are vacant, teaches walked through classes. They saw John helping Martin who, was hanging down. Martin was rapidly telling John to go and leave him and  John accordingly replied, if I leave your hand today, I will not be able to survive throughout of my life. You were there when I needed you and now that you need me, how can I leave. John was trying his best to pull up Martin slightly. He was struggling when  quack hit again. When the emergency team arrived; they saw,  both of them had fallen on the ground, their heads were laying in pool of blood and their hands were joined to each other. They did not leave each other till the end.

It was a heart-touching story, tears roll down my eyes when I finished 😦

My understanding from this story: We are  born with emotions, kindness and love transfers us from bad into a better person. We need to be kind and love unconditionally. What goes comes around. Martin loved John unconditionally and John in return sacrificed his life when he friend was in need of help.


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