Making A New Year Resolution

New Year is the time at which new calendar year begins. New Year is  among pleasant events of the year. Depending on the culture New Year is celebrated by many people across all the world. Although 2016 will surely be no different; However, great fascination is always attached to this event. Some of the customs of New Year that are common worldwide include, Fireworks, Making resolutions, Visiting friends, Exchanging Greeting Cards.

In my this blog I will pick up or write about  Making Resolutions.

The commonly known meaning of Making a Resolution is, act of a right-doing and  act of self-improvement. So traditionally  prior to New Year begins people accordingly review their past and make new Resolutions  for their future. Some of the main resolution are as follow.

Become a better person. Become more organized, Spend more time with Family, Read more books, Find a better Job, Save more money, Lose weight, Exercise more. Eat healthy, Help those who are in need and blah blah.

The exercise of planning future is exciting and it’s an easy one. I think, it will probably take a few minutes to review our life and pen  down our plans on paper for the future,  but that is not the end of the story. The real story actually beings once our list is prepared.

So, when our list is prepared, what do we do with this list? Do  we remain committed  to it throughout the year or the list will end as soon as the month of January is ended. Well, if we want to change our resolutions into reality then we have to respect the basic  principle of commitment which is, loyalty. We all know that,  for any real change to occur there has to be a long term commitment but in case  we are not loyal to our commitments we will not be able to achieve even our small goal, let alone a big resolutions.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from making resolution, I am rather merely making a point that when,  we  sit down to list up our resolutions we should make them realistically. Making them realistically will smoothes down the road  for us to archive them. We all know that, It is very difficult and time consuming process to change or improve lifelong habits but this by no mean means that we should not try.  No, we should always try to improve our self. In order to better understand how to be realistic towards our goal let’s  take ‘Becoming a ‘Better Person’ as an example and evaluate how easy or difficult it is to achieve this goal.

Well, I don’t know about others but for me it’s one of the challenging resolution. Achieving this goal would mean change in my behaviour. Change in my behaviour means change in the act and conducts that,  I have developed over the years and adopt new way of thinking.  I am certain, I cannot accomplish this goal in short period of time, but if think realistically, keep in mind that life is not a straight road and change does not occur only by wishing it to occur than,  I will surly remain committed to my goal and take it as a constant living resolution. I am convinces that  by adopting this approach, I would be able to notice a gradual progress towards reaching this goal.

I know, It’s very natural and its actually human nature to think of doing many things at one time  while we end up doing not even quarter of them so before you make any resolution please consider the below points, they will help you to set realistic goals 🙂

1. Be real
2. Be positive
3. Be specific
4. Set a realistic time frame for change.
5. Re-think of your resources
6. Mind your limitations
7. Stay focused
8. Look for balance in life.
9. Be honest with yourself – change requires  time and commitment.
10. Be patient

Okay, this was all about resolution now let’s pray together; May Peace prevail on earth and hope that unlike 2015 we won’t witness wars and refuge crisis across the globe.

May God keep each and every one in his mercy and guide us to the right path.

Happy New Year!


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