My Valentine

February has long been the most loved month due to February 14, which is marked as Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day dates back to Roman times, and a story of martyrdom is  associated with it. Valentine was a priest in ancient Rome and the soldiers of Rome were not allowed to marry, but he broke the Roman law and married Roman soldiers as well as passed notes between the men and the ladies they loved. Since then 14 February is recognized a part of cultural and commercial celebration in many regions around the world. Although it is not a public holiday in any country; however great fascination is attached to this event and people have their own point of view about Valentin’s Day. For some people, it’s like any other day of the year while for others, it’s a special day. Some agree with celebrations of this day and others degree. But the fact remains that  whether we love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day symbolize human expression of love irrespective of how normal, abnormal, beautiful or annoying they may seem or sound to us. They are unique  in their own ways.

Some of the representations of Valentine’s that are common worldwide include,  sending cards or letters, giving gifts, flowers, chocolates, candy and going out for dinners.The color of this day is red, so cards are often decorated with images of hearts, red roses and red ribbons.

Everyone celebrates valentine  in their own way for instance my friend got a box of  chocolate another one got a Bracelet while I did not receive anything 😦 At that moment I  wished someone had sent me a box of chocolate too! because I was craving for chocolate. I love my tummy so, I went outside and bought my favorite chocolate (Lindor) When I came back, I started  talking to  a friend of mine whom I love a lot. I was kidding  with my  friend that,  I have not received anything and it’s very  sad. My friend joked back saying no worries you will find a prince who will always bring you flowers and chocolates. During our conversation, I went to my facebook timeline. There someone had uploaded a nice video about Valentine’s Day with a great msg.

The message  of the  video was to  be thankful for the love that we receive. I thought about it for a while and suddenly my mind started flooding with overwhelming memories, emotions and people. I recalled  all those moments of my life where I  felt being loved, helped, accompanied, unconditionally. Remember those people and those moments did nothing else but brought a big cheesy smile on my face 😀

I started feeling being loved, being trusted, and being blessed by so many wonderful people in my life. My parents, my siblings, my relatives, my friends, my teachers, my mentor, my colleagues etc. I also realized I am not  always thankful for everything in my life.  So, what I did was I sent a first message of valentine  to a friend who is always there when I am in need and has always helped me whether that was taking me to beach and showing me how to go deep into water, whether it was helping me  financially, emotionally  academically or making fun of me in ways that no one has ever done. Gosh!!! the crazy random jokes that only and only  I can take  no one else that is what our mutual friend once credited me for 🙂 (Such a nice girl I am- 😉

Anyways, I am convinced that,  14 February is not only a day of exchanging gifts, it’s also not only about receiving a box of   chocolate 😉  its way greater than that it’s, about  loving and caring for each other. It’s about knowing how blessed you are and thanking people for being beside and always being with you.

So let’s make this day one of thankfulness, appreciations and gratefulness.

Send appreciations message  to your friends who stands beside you in all thin in thin.

Send thank you note for all those who helped you irrespective of anything.

Send text to your parents saying how blessed you are for having them.

Send a text to your siblings that they are the most beautiful  color of this world.

These are the people who make our lives a little easier, a little happier, a little colorful. All these relations explains the association with love.

Just be thankful for everything that is helping you in one way or other and  Love everything around you.



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