Beauty and the Beast

Sometimes I would read children’s stories books, doing so reminds me of my childhood days and the stories told by our elder people mainly Grand Ma. I read this story last night before falling asleep and wrote a short note about it during my lunch break.

“Beauty and the Beast (French: La Belle et la Bête) is a traditional fairy tale written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1740 in La Jeune Américaine et les contes marins.”

It’s the story of a rich father who lived in a big house with his six children three boys and three girls. One day the rich father got a call, that he lost his boat in the sea. He felt very upset and called all his children. He told him about the miserable news and that he has no other choice but to leave this house and start living in countryside in a small house.

His children started to argue with their father about the hardship of life in countryside, however, one his daughters  named beauty told her siblings no to cry and start thinking of working to support their father.

They shifted in a new small house, Beauty did all the works at home and brothers did the outside work. The father always complimented beauty for her hard work and being kind. After sometimes their father received a letter saying your boat is here it’s not lost in the sea.. Ahhh!  it’s a wonderful news said the father, shared the news with his children and told them that he will leave tomorrow for the forest where his boat is.

He finds boat however, no goods in it, he felt awful. The sky was getting darker and he had to cross the forest to spend a night somewhere. He walked for a while and saw a beautiful castle in forest. He knocks the door but no one answered, he waits outside no one comes to see him. Finally, he open the door and entered the castle.

He finds a lot of food, cloths, gold and nice beds in this place. He eats, and sleeps there.

Next morning when he woke up. He took breakfast and started to put a few pairs of cloths, and jewellery for his children, when he was about to leave he saw a beautiful garden of roses. He remember that beauty asked for a rose. He plucked one of the roses. Soon he  heard a terrible voice and saw a ugly man saying; I saved your life, you eat and slept in my house  but you took my beautiful rose for this you must die.

Sir forgive me it’s for my daughter , said the father

My name is beast don’t call me Sir and if you don’t want to die then one of your daughters must die.My daughters are very young, I want to see them alive.

The beast said, that is fine, I let you go now, come back in 3 months to die, but before you leave take whatever you want from this castle. The father took gold for his children and left. When the father got home he tells his children about empty boat, castle, the Beast and that fact that he has to die because he took a rose from beast garden.

Beauty felt bad for her father and said to her siblings I will die not father.

No dear sister you don’t have to die we are going to kills him say the three brothers.

father, No that is not possible beats is tall and strong. I am old I will go and die.

Beauty said, no father you must live to take care of my sisters and brothers, I must go and die. Beauty and her father left and reaches castle they sit to eat. When they finished they heard a horrible noise. Beauty saw the beast, she is terrified with his look and tell her father to leave and don’t come back…

Father replies again,  Beauty my daughter you must go and let me die, but beauty stands on her words noooooo Dad you should go I will stay. Father say bye to Beauty and beauty tell her father not to cry, I love you. Father left and Beauty went to sleep.

When she was sleeping she dreamed of a fairy telling here, you are a good girl you did not let your father die . One day you will be happy.

When she woke up, She went to see the garden and  the castle. In the castle on one room there was a note that says, it says its beauty room, what a nice room and a lot of books, perhaps beats does not want to eat me, Beauty thought.

The Beast came to see here, She was afraid of him, but the Beast told her don’t be sad your are the queen of this castle now, tell me what you want, asked Beast

I want my father my home and my brother and sisters, replied Beauty. The beats told her to see in the mirror she saw her father carrying there, sisters married and brother busy in doing work. Beauty felt sad and  walked around the castle and garden, at night she sits on table to eat. Beast came and asked her Can I sit beside you beauty ? Beauty replied; Yes you can.

Beauty, Do you think I am too ugly asked the Beast?

Beauty thought for  while  and replied yes you are but you have a kind heart.

Beast laughed and says yes you are right. I am terribly ugly

Beauty tells Beast , you know some men are handsome but not kind, I prefer you over them.

Beast says,  then will you marry me?

No, I cannot! Beauty replies.

Beauty stayed in the castle for three years and   feels lonely misses her father.

Every night when the beast comes to sit with her she would ask her will you marry me? This time Beauty says you ask this question every evening and know my answer, what makes you to keep on asking ?

I want to hear a different answer, says the Beast.

Beauty says you are a wonderful friend.

Beats replies I am terribly angry but happy too, because you count on me as your friend.

Beast, feel pity for Beauty and let her go. Beauty reaches her home kisses her Dad and siblings. She tell everyone about her life in castle, Beats and that she lived there like a queen. Beauty ‘sibling started telling her about their life. One of sisters is married to a handsome man who never cared about his wife and the other one is married to rich guy who never like anyone not even his wife.

When Beauty heard about their stories she remember Beast and realized that he is the best man to marry, She felt in love with him.

Beauty came back to castle but found Beats laying down on floor, she thought he is dead!

Beast, Please, open your eyes, I am back to tell you that I love you and want to marry you, there is no one like you. The Beast replied No, I am alive but I will be back in my real form.

Suddenly Beats disappeared and a handsome Prince was standing at his place.

He look at Beauty and said. I am the Beast the Prince. I came to my real form because of your true and real love. You loved me in my terribly ugly form that is all love is about.

Moral: Love is beyond superficial and material things.


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