A Kiss Before Dying

Title: A Kiss before Dying
Writer: Ira Levin
Type: Murder Mystery


Leo Kingship: A rich man, boss of Kingship Copper Inc.

Bud Corliss: A handsome young man, intelligent and criminal minded.

Dorothy Kingship, Bud’s girlfriend and a faithful lover.

Ellen Kingship: Sister of Dorothy, an intelligent, pretty girl.

Marion Kingship: Falls in love with Bud


Part One: Dorothy, a faithful, loving girl who wants to marry Bud

A Kiss Before Dying” is a novel by Ira Levin. In the story, a young, handsome, sex appealing, intelligent man, Bud wants to marry a rich girl named Dorothy. Dorothy was Leo Kingship’s youngest daughter. Bud was one of the best pupils of the school. He was almost in everything the best, but  he wasn’t rich. He became friend with Dorothy and smartly made her believe that he truly loves her.

Dorothy was a faithful lover. She was so excited to tell about her pregnancy to Bud. One day she calls birth to a restaurant and told him this good news. When Bud came to know about her pregnancy he felt his dreams shattered and that made him feel awful; however, since he was very smart he did not let Doroy notice the sudden change on his face. He told Doroy, that he is very glad to know about this news but since Doroy’s father does not like the idea of pregnancy before marriage, therefore, she should abort the baby. After arguing for awhile Doroy agrees, Bud buys tablet from his pharmacist friend and gave them to Doroy to take them at night. She takes the tablet but nothing happens to her. He tells Bud that since she is two months pregnant therefore, the tablet might have not workout for her.

Bud realises he can’t marry her if she is pregnant and her father will not give her anything from his wealth; so, tells her to go home and put some nice clothes for marriage. Both of them were dressed well and left for the 14 story Blue River Municipal Building. Before they got married they went to the roof. When they reached the 14th floor Bud took no time to pushed Doroy of the roof.  She falls dead on the ground making it look like a suicide. Bud took a long breath and thought everyone worked out according to his plan. Doroy’s family reads about the news.

Part Two: Ellen Kingship, an intelligent girl who, by careful deduction finds about  Dorothy’s death

Ellen was Dorry’s intelligent sister. She didn’t believe that Doroy would ever think of committing a suicide; so, she went to find out the truth herself. During her investigation she finds out about the truth that Doroy was pregnant. Ellen starts searching the letter that Doroy wrote her. In one of her letters Doroy wrote Ellen about a handsome charming guy in her English class and their love story. Ellen assume that he is the guy who made Doroy pregnant and then later  killed her. So Ellen starts searching for  Doroy’s boyfriend. She didn’t know his name but she knew that he was a blond and handsome guy. She investigates two boys of the same look but soon finds that non of them have killed Doroy but the guy who is helping her and who is her boy friend has actually killed her sister. When Bud sense this he tells Ellen, Yes I killed Dorothy she was foolish got pregnant and wanted me to marry her which was not my plan at all, saying this he points his gun towards and kills her too.

Chapter Three: Marion, third victim, she feels that her father is manipulating her with help of a private investigator.

 Marion was the third daughter of Leo Kingship. She was the only hope for Bud to reaches the level of success and richness, so Bud studied about Morin’s likes and dislikes.  Then he made contact with her and they talked about the things Marion loved. She started liking him and finally loving him because she thought, they both are so alike and think the same way.  After being in relation for a whole they decided to marry each other. Marion tells her Dad about her marriage with Bud but father does not like the idea because one of the guy name Gorden who knew Dorthy and Ellen told their father that Bud has killed his two daughters. The father could not do anything because the guy had no evidence to show that Bud was the killer. Gorden found some evidence which proofed that Bud killed Dorothy and Morin. After seeing the proofs Leo decides to kill Bud. They talk with Bud for going on tour to their factory. When they got the factory they start confronting Bud with the murder of Dorothy and Ellen, Bud denies all knowledge. Gorden and Leo started treating him by being pushed into the container filled with copper. Finally, he thinks that its better to admit and not being pushed in container.  He admits that he did not want to kill either of them but since they came between his plan he had to kill. Saying that his hand slips carelessly  and  he falls into the container. The novel ends here.

My views about the Novel

If you like a good mystery, you’ll love this book! Halfway through, you’ll come to this realization that how greedy some people could be. Irrespective of how much you love them they will reach anything to reach their goal.


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