Love Story

Title: Love story

Writer:  Erich Segal

Type: Beautiful Love


Ray Milland: Wealthy cold-hearted Father

Oliver Barrett: Rich boy loves sports

Jenny Cavilleri: Poor girl loves plying music


Love Story is a novel by Erich Segal. It’s a romantic story of Oliver Barret a rich guy and Jenny a poor girl. Both of them are student at Harvard University. One day Oliver came and ask Jenny and ask her to go with him and watch hockey, at first she did not show any interest but after awhile she agreed to go with him. They became friends and soon became lovers. One day Oliver told Jenny to go with him to their home, She agreed. When they reached home, Jenny was surprised to see Oliver’s home. It was big modern house with modern luxury decorations.

When they returned back to the university, Jenny told Oliver about her life and her lifestyle. Both of the families had a lot of differences in terms of living. Jenny’s father worked in a bakery while Oliver Father was a rich man. Their marriage might not be a wise decision said Jenny; However, Oliver instead that love is what he needs not wealth. Oliver told his father about Jenny and their marriage. His father did not like the idea and told Oliver not to do that but Oliver stood on his decision. His father denied him all the rights to his property.  Jenny and Oliver got married and started a new life without agreement of his father. They made a home together.  Their life wasn’t trouble free since Oliver was still a student and Jenny was looking for a job. They worked hard. Jenny got a job and supported Oliver during his studies.

One day, Oliver’s father called and wanted to speak with him. Jenny insisted and requested Oliver to talk to his father. Oliver refused to talk to him saying that he will never talk to him. Jenny asked him again please talk to him. Oliver got angry and yelled at Jenny “Damn Jenny why don’t you get out of my life” Jenny got angry and without letting Oliver know, she left the house. Oliver started looking for her and found her after a few hours. When he found her, hugged her and told her that he is sorry for his last night behaviour. Jenny replied “stop and added love means never having to say you are sorry” they were once again back to their happy life.

They were planning having kids, so went to see a doctor. Doctor checked everything, took their blood and sent it away for examination. After a few days Doctor called Oliver to come and see him. Oliver came to see the doctor. The doctor told him that Jenny can never became a mother and that she has very little time to live since she is diagnosed with an incurable and inflicts. Oliver could not believe that and asked the doctor to tell him that its not true. Oliver felt like shooting on the unfairness of nature. Jenny is just 24 years old. Its not the time to die, said  Oliver.

Oliver went back home and wanted to take Jenny to her dream place Paris, but Jenny told him that she does not want to go anywhere, just wanted to stay with him. Jenny felt the change in Oliver and told him strong men don’t cry.  Oliver looked at Jenny and told her that doctor told him to take best care of her. Oliver was not very stable financially; so, went to see his father and asked him to help him financially, his father asked the reason Oliver preferred not to tell him anything. His Dad wrote him a cheque.

Oliver came back and wanted to be with Jenny all the time. He sits next to Jenny’s bed. He said in his mind “I always liked to sit beside her and look at her, because it had her eyes shining in it” Jenny told Oliver that her sickness is not painful she just feels falling off a high building very slowly. Jenny’s words moved Oliver and felt the sudden, violent need to cry but he stayed strong and did not cry. Jenny told him to hold her and put his arm around her. Oliver hold her carefully. “Thanks Ollie” These were the last words of Jenny.

Oliver’s father heard about the news and came to see Oliver. He asked Oliver why he did not inform him about this he wanted to help.  Oliver replied to his father’s words “Jenny is dead” His father said I am sorry for everything.  Oliver did not know the reason why but he repeated Jenny’s words “Love mean you never have to say you are sorry” The book ends here.

My thoughts:

 It’s a classical and beautifully written story. Their love is a wonderful way to love a person. I like the expression “Love means you never have to say you’re sorry.” The author used it twice. Oliver reconciled with his father using this expression.  The book has sad ending, but they were full of love that makes this book very thoughtful. I totally recommend it to all my friends and whoever read this blog.


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