My Loving Dad/پلار

If I could write a book

It would be the wonderful book ever written

I would write about life of my Dad

A life filled with struggles, troubles and joy


On this Father Day I want to tell you

I can never forget you had to work 18 hrs in market

So you can send me to school

I can never forget you never wear new cloths

So you could buy me beautiful dress

I can never forget you had no expenses for your self

So you can bear my expenses


Thank you for creating

A sense of stability and security at home

You provided your family

With food, clothing and shelter

You hold us all tighter even when we disagreed

So the bond among us can never break


You are my shadow in hot summer days

You are my sun in freezing winter

You are my anchor in storms

You are my soothing therapy when I am hurt


You have no idea how much I loved

When I asked you what shall I bring you?

You replied; I lost my daughter bring her back:)


You know what

I love the dimples on your both cheeks

I love you wonder smile

I love you tall six feet height

I love you broad shoulders

I love you grey and black hair

When I look at you I believe

There no other handsome men

like you in this world


You are the warmth and light of my life

You are my perfect father

And I am your biggest fan


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