There is no Moon and Agony

On the last day of Ramadan

People gathered to see the Moon

They said the moon is sighted

I too gaze out at the sky

It looks so gloomy

There is no Moon and agony


I still kept looking at the Sky

Hoping the Moon will sight

Slowly a wonder rushed towards me

And whispered

What are you searching in the sky?

I said…

I am searching for my

Brother, Father and Friend

The wondered replied

Stars are burned and Moon is blurry

There is no Moon and Agony

A tear runs down my face sadly


Your scent hugged me and said

Go back to home or you too will be

Shoot like me, too early too soon

My beloved Father

Sweet brother and

Dear friend


Alone I sit and look at your picture

How empty is the house you are no longer there

No more I can have your love and affection

Without your presence, life of colorless here

I see your sprite soared in the sky

Its slowly breaking my heart


I am fading like a falling star

I can’t hide from fear

That you are no more near

You went too far before

Buying me sweets and wishing me

Happy Eid










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