Why I love Biking Not Driving

The annoying question and discussion that I always face irrespective of where I go. Well, I think it will be more realistic to say that, I face this super annoying question almost on daily basis and the stupid question is ‘WHY I DON’T DRIVE”? Ughhh, I wish people could only ask me this question so I can give them my own reasons but – Hell Nooo, they asked me this question and then voluntarily kept on telling me about the benefit of driving and having a car. In such an annoying moment I say  in my  mind, Ewww, who the hell requested you tell me the benefits of freaking driving…

Anyways. I have no problem with people telling me how much they love driving, how comfortable their life is with car, how great they feel while driving or whatever the hell their car and driving means to them but what I cannot really understand is that why do people feel the need to comment, advice or suggest someone for driving or owning a car? Why people do not mind their own business just like I do mine :/ I mind my own business and I wouldn’t even dream of making any comments on anyone else’s lifestyle and choices.

 I wonder how many people like me are out there in the world who don’t drive and are annoyed by the super boring attitude from people who drive? I am sure, we all have our logical reasons, some could be personal other could be general. Some of the common reasons are financial, psychological, bad experiences, environmental etc, but in my case the first reason is environmental and the second is health.

The first reason is environmental 🙂

Driving without a doubted contributes significantly to global warming. Carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas that humans produce which is responsible for trapping heat within the atmosphere and contributes to climate change issues. The gas that car burns pollutes the air consequently poor air quality results contributes to significant health problems. Car engines also produce a wide array of particles which are harmful for human and animal health.  Hydrocarbons and particulate matter can cause breathing difficulties and long-term diseases. Also, car use gas and that is a non-renewable resource. We don’t have to be selfish, our coming generations also have rights on natural resources.

The second reason I don’t drive because I love biking and I love to be healthy yaiiiiiiii 😀

Health is a blessing. Who would argue with that? Well, of course, nobody since it’s a widely acknowledge fact. Whenever; we talk about our blessing, health is without a doubt one of them. So  good health is one of the joys of life and what could be better way to mention than cycling being the best way for people to achieve good health and fitness. People who cycle regularly live healthier lives. It always feels good to hear that more and more women are rediscovering the fun of riding a bike, and reducing consumption of gasoline. I am among those people who just love biking. I believe that when you love something you make every effort possible to achieve it and my love with biking is one of the strong bonds which will never break. Had I loved driving I would have been driving a car but seriously I have no interest in having a car at all!

 So, I learnt biking 18 years ago in a small tiny house. My brother had a bike and whenever he forgot to lock his bike before going out, I had loved the moment. It was an opportunity for me to use his  bike. I remember my first days with the  black and red colour bike. Worth to mention that it was not a small bicycle without a support wheel on each side like a quad-cycle, it was actually a real bicycle.

Well, learning to ride a bicycle was not easy. It was a very tough learning curve. I hurt myself a couple of times during the process. I got a lot of cut in my knee on my legs and arms yet despite all these wounds I did not give up and I am happy that finally,I learnt it.  Last summer one of my friends bought a bike and asked me if I know how to ride a bike?

 I replied; I think so, if I am not wrong, I learnt it almost 18 years ago and I guess, I am still able to keep my balance. She gave me her bike to ride it. And Yessss!!  It took me no time to go for a short ride of 3 minutes around the building. (Such a proud moment it was 😉 Now I am in the list of those people who ride their bicycle pretty much every day for 2 to 3 hours J.

 Based on my experience I could tell you that, when you are driving a car you are missing those little beautiful moments and huge health benefit that you are able to have from riding a bike.

Health Benefits:

1- Biking is good for our muscles if we want to maintain fitness and health our muscles have to be used regularly and what can be better than riding a bike? Of course, nothing because during cycling, almost all our body’s muscles is activated.

2- Cycling strengthens the immune system which results in contributing to a healthy life. Reducing stress is another benefit.

3- Cycling produces the balance between exertion and relaxation which is so important for the body’s inner equilibrium.

4-  Cycling is ideal for targeting body’s weight since it contributes to weight reduction by burning energy.

5- Cycling keeps you healthy, the healthier you are the attractive and lively you will.

The other day, I was in the party and a woman told me, that she thinks I have lost a few kgs of weight and that makes me look better. I was like Thank you, Yes its due to cycling. So see here you go, cycling make you look attractive CAR and DRIVING DOES NOT.

Due to modern technology and demand of life social values are decreasing. People hardly find time to socialise and talk with each other, but trust me if you are biking you will have so many new friends. Since I have started  biking I have made so many new friends in my neighbourhood. When these new friends don’t see me for a day or two next day, they ask me are you okay? we didn’t see you around. That feels great 🙂

Also, biking saves me money and I don’t have to buy a metro pass.  There is the wonderful ‘Home Depot’ Store. Anytime I have problems with my bike I would take it to them and they would fix for me with no cost. I love this part so very much  😉

(Sorry car and driving lovers) I don’t like to drive box of depression aka car and please do not bother me with this stupid question anymore, rather buy yourself a bike and it won’t let you  comment on others lifestyle because cycling keeps you fresh, fit, healthy and happy.

Happy Bike Ridding Good People 🙂




4 thoughts on “Why I love Biking Not Driving

  1. Huma, a good read for all of us. By the way on facebook page check “Kamran on Bike” honestly i never miss his photo stories of biking. You’ll feel like you’re there.


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