Beautiful Autumn Leaves

The green leaves are turning

Red, yellow and brown

The wind comes whistling

Making trees and branches bare

Beautiful leaves falling softly to the ground

Fall has covered the garden all around

The changing color of leaves

Reminds me of your hair

Once dark black now grey perhaps white

Like these leaves with changing color

You look so lovely so sweet

I  hold these leaves so dear

You know……

Something Pulls me towards you and I come  like autumn

Surrounding you

I don’t want you to see me, I don’t want you to know

How much I love being around you

Come to me, stay with me

Melt in my love and hold me in your almond eyes

Sing to me a rustling song

Dance with me with the scent that flows within you

Paint my life with the sparkling colors of autumn

Red, brown, orange and yellow

Make it shine like rainbow

A rainbow that shines in the clear blue sky



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