Go Away Snow Go Away

Wind is whistling and howling

While snow is falling  on the ground

In this darkest night of cold winter

The pathways are snowed over

Roads are slippery and snarly

The trees are bare

The music is silent

Go away snow go away

Why did you vanish summer?

A beautiful summer

Where I  blossomed like rose when I looked at him

I danced in the rain when he smiled

I walked on the 7th sky when he was around

I shined like a candle when he hold my hand

unfaithful and unfair beloved

You were of weather nature

Prone to chance

Go away snow go away

Don’t push me to the battle

To the battle with cruel and stone-hearted

I don’t want to fight

The cost was more than I could afford

I turned the chapter of longing

I could not make it hold

I buried all those dreams

I saw the ashes on the ground

From those ashes

Like phoenix, I rise renewed and reborn



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