Winter Cycling

I love riding bikes, for all reasons, including reasons that have nothing to do with biking.  I found riding bike incredibly easy and trouble free thing to do. In my this blog, I won’t be talking about the benefits of biking, since I already have published a blog earlier where I shared my personal reasons for choosing biking over driving. This blog is more about my experience of biking when snow is converted into glacial ice

The other day, I was talking to one of my friends about getting a new bike for winter since my old bike is good for summer and might not be very useful and friendly to me during winter. She was obviously not supporting my idea since she thought it’s not a sensible idea to bike in winter due to heavy snows that we already had and will be having throughout of the winter. She also added, that commuting by bike in winter means you are fed up with your life. I laughed and said not really. I love ‘ME’ and I won’t be using my bike for commuting, it’s just that I love biking and if there are warm sunny days I will not miss it for the world.

Anyways, as you know we live in Canada and if this country is known for anything that would be freezing winter and heavy snow. Yesterday we had second crazy fall snowstorm here in Toronto. This first one struck us almost a month ago. Looking at the inches of snow that had covered all over, I said in my mind Damn!! When I woke up tomorrow morning, I will be seeing a thick blanket of white covering our balcony. But when I woke up, I was welcomed by the warm sunny morning that returned me to normal condition. Yayyyyy 😀 I am not a big fan of snow and winter so yes during winter a sunny warm day is nothing but an unexpected gift.

Today was one of those days. Therefore, I decided to hit at least 8 km today, which is approximately two hours. I jumped on the bike and realized that my bike does not have enough air, so I took it to The Home Depot, ‘ a home improvement supplies retailing company that sells tools, construction products, and services. As usual the customer services in The Home Depot were very kind, they checked my bike and pump it with air. I thanked them, left the shop and jumped once again on my bike Awww,  it felt good.

I am law abiding person, I always respect the stop signs so I never felt guilty for blowing stop signs. I always try staying off the main road thus I took the sidewalk, I found the sidewalk more enjoyable and less toxic. I also don’t confuse anyone and make sure they don’t need to worry about being hit by my nice bike 😉

I had my soft-shell jacket, warm leather gloves, lightweight waterproof hiking boots with thick socks. The roads were nasty not because of the snow, but the grit of salt and pebbles that mix with slush made the condition of sidewalk terrible, despite this bizarre condition, I was still enjoying the ride. I took a small break once I reached four km. During the break, I took a few selfies, It’s something that I always love to do 😛  Anyhow, After 15 minutes of the break, I was back on my bike and decided to take the route which is between the Park. I  took that route because I used to bike a lot there during summer. In a way I wanted to refresh those beautiful sunny warmer days of summer.

 This route did feel a little uncomfortable compared to the summer maybe not because of the snow but the ice. I had no idea that Ice could be potentially risky for bikes ride, or maybe I was too self-assured of my biking skills. Lately, I used to ride with one hand and that gave me confident to think that, I am skillful enough about it. I was like apparently, nothing will happen to me if I turn on to ice and I will be able to go back home. Holding my breath enjoying the fresh air unaware of the hidden danger ‘ICE’ suddenly my bike went out of my control, it was hard for me to keep the balance due to the ice and the speed. With a blink of an eye, I feel off the bike and hit hard on the ground. I screamed SHIT!!! for a moment I felt I will not survive. There was nobody to help. I was afraid enough to check if everything is fine or if I had broken my hand, foot knee etc. I was laying on the ground for a while and then slowly tried to move. Thanks to God I had not broken parts any part of my body but I got nicely scratched, wound in my right arm, kneecap and also swelling at the right side of my body. Due to the body aches and swelling I could not walk properly. The front part of my bike was twisted around. What an awful feeling seriously!!!! 😥

One the way back to home I had to take a bus and worst thing that I didn’t have my metro pass. When the bus driver looked at my condition and unclean clothes he let me into the bus and loaded my bike into the rack. I got off the bus at my stop, went home and searched on the internet what to do cure scratches and bike wounds. I found some useful tips and applied that and took a pain killer. I hope I won’t be feeling worst when I wake up tomorrow morning.

This was my heart aching story or perhaps heartbreaking experience of Cycling in Winter 😦

I wrote this blog mainly for those who love to bike during winter.Prior to picking up your bike and start riding it, keep in my that slippery days provide a good opportunity to go off the bike and broke parts of your body. Ice, Hard surfaces and high winds should be avoided completely, no matter how skillful you are and also, I think sometimes it’s entirely okay not to ride. I am not going to ride unless I see the cherry blossom of spring. Winter makes me more vulnerable to accident and it’s not worth it.  I am scared to death and still can’t get over the thought, that what If I had broken my teeth, nose or damaged eyes. God: It was awful fall!!

Can’t wait for the spring so I could once again bike for hours and hours despite this horrible incident, I love bike today as much as I loved it yesterday and Yessss, nothing can beat my love for it 🙂


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