So Close Yet So Far

I cannot touch your hand

I cannot smell your Sant

I cannot feel your breath

I cannot hold you tight


You are alarm clock that I don’t set

Yet rings every once in a while

You are a plant I don’t water

Yet you keep growing

You are a cloud that keeps on appearing

Even when I think it’s sunny

You are mud that resides at the bottom of a glass

If I stirred it instantly fill the calm water

Yes, Yes, Yes

You said you never want to see me heart

Was it that you didn’t see in my eyes

Or you closed your eyes when I cried

You didn’t feel my heartaches

What an endless hunger and selfishness

Your betrayal is unbelievable

And the edge of my insanity is unbeatable



2 thoughts on “So Close Yet So Far

  1. Wow! Just wow!!.. An absolutely amazing poem… there’s so much emotion in this. I could completely picture it all.
    Terrific job! Keep it up!


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