Blood on Snow

Sun was shining in the clear blue sky

Everything was covered with the white snow

In the land of endless wars

A country of wounds

A melting pot of bullet and gun

No warnings or predictions

Senseless slaughter

Women, men, children and loved ones,

Cheated by an early fate of death

In a blink of an eye, they are gone to the world or no return

Their blood sinks into the snow

Ahhh, the cold ground was thirsty for it

Everyone stands and watch the dreadful sight

The silence of the world is amazing

Our souls cry  yet nobody seems to care

I ask why?

They replied;  don’t ask questions, no one’s gonna talk

Another 21 innocent lives are gone

Violence is winning hope is losing

Their thirst for blood will never end

Love is something only found in a fairy-tale

Next time you might here it’s me that too has died

Go and don’t come back to this land

We are mixing two colors red and white

Leaving behind a perfect example

of an inhumane




2 thoughts on “Blood on Snow

  1. Another heart-breaking tragedy of this trrrible serial… 😢 let’s all pray for the victims, their families, survivors and the whole nation.
    By the way, awesome poet!!


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