Hold My Hand and Walk With Me

On this day of valentine

Don’t bring me rose or candy

Don’t buy a teddy bear or a card

Don’t talk of stars and moon

I don’t need diamonds and pearls

by those things I am not impressed

Don’t tell me any sweet words

If you are going to do the opposite

Don’t promise me anything

If you are not going to keep them

Don’t tell me that you don’t want to see me hurt

When all you do is break my heart

Don’t lust for me

That would not make you more of a man

Do not love me from without, Love me from within

In relationship give me harmony and honesty

Rich contentment and deep satisfaction

Don’t lie don’t betray my trust

Do not make my stomach ache

Don’t make my hands shake

Leave every custom aside

Hold my hand and walk with me

A few steps, just a few steps

When sadness surround me

Tell me jokes  just a few jokes

When darkness frighten me

Give me hugs just a few hugs

And my everyday will be valentine


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