Sister Is a Forever Friend

A best friend is a gift in life, but sister shares an unmatched bond. with whom we share nature and nurture. Sharing blood and a common home goes a very long way toward figuring out who we are. Siblings really are a vital link to our past and a funhouse mirror in which we measure our own growth and place on this Earth. Sister means funny childhood stories, long talks, cozy cuddles, good conversation and life-long acceptance. Researchers argue, that “emotional expression is fundamental to good psychological health and having sisters promotes this in families.” I could not agree more, yes sister make every aspect of life better. I have to admit that I couldn’t be more thankful for having sisters. I’m incredibly close with my sisters and think I’d be a much crappier person if I didn’t have them. No matter how far we leave from each other the unique dynamics of this relationship never changes and that only people with sisters know there’s an equal and opposite flipside to that intimacy. My sisters are my best friends and I love them to freaking death!

I am writing this blog to reflect on the two beautiful that I spend with my youngest sister.

One day I was in my room listening to music when my youngest sister called and told me that she bought her ticket for Toronto and her flight is on the 10 of February. Ahhhh I don’t have the words to explain how I felt! It was one of the best surprises. Since the day, she called me I started countdown to the 10 of February and finally the day arrived that I had to go and pick her up.

It was of course one of the best days of my life but the weather was not helping me, we were having snow storm in Toronto. Her flight kept delaying and I kept on praying accordingly that she lands safely. At 6 p.m she called me that her flight is secluded for 8 pm. That meant she will be coming in two hours. I called my friend and we went to pick her up.  When I reached there I started looking for her inside the terminal suddenly she touched my shoulder and said Huma Goshhhhh…… I just loved that ❤ I hugged her tight and kissed big time, I also cleaned her tears. It was a wonderful moment yes unforgettable.

When we reached home I warmed up the food for her and made her green tea, she is very afghan when it comes to tea unlike me.  Once she had her dinner, I made sure she goes to bed and sleep since she had a long travel day. She went to bed and slept. The next day when we woke up we planned what we will be doing during these two weeks.  She wanted to explore Toronto, eat a lot of food and talk to me for hours endlessly 😊

During her stay, we visited Blue Mountain, Niagara Falls, Beaches, Parks, Shopping malls and eat a lot of good and different kinds of food. Yes, we went on biking too.  Visiting these places with here was full of wonderful experiences. We would joke about anything, gossip about anyone and call on each other for anything be that holding bags or taking 100s of pictures.  I love the part when I gave her real talk and tell her inside jokes. Like I  told her that “Do as I say or I am going to beat the shit out of you and she would laugh so hard” One day she decided to cook for us but unfortunately that day she had no luck with cooking. I know she is good at cooking but I found a reason to tease her and tell her how bad she is at cooking, so I told her that if next time she talks about cooking I’m going to humbly request her to please have some mercy on us. I needed one word to make her laugh uncontrollably, and she would say wait stop it I can’t breathe and my abs are on fire kind of laugh.

 I loved having her beside me in my bed. One day she told me that my blanket is really thin and she is used to having thick blanket. I replied her back sleep and don’t talk or I will throw you out of the window. But when she went to sleep I made sure to on the heater so she does not feel cold. It was cute when she said that “Huma I know I am here for two weeks and I know you are still very sensitive to a few things which I would still try not to do cuz It’s like something touching your raw nerve. On that moment, I felt that sister is the one who knows you longer than anyone else, she knows your likes and dislikes. She was with you when you failed your test, when you graduated, when you were sick, when you lost your best friend, when you were disappointed, when you cried and laugh, when you got your first job, so on and so forth. The list is endless. She never judges you because she knows what you have been through.

According to Professor Tony Cassidy, who carried out the study with other researchers, “Sisters appear to encourage more open communication and cohesion in families. Emotional expression is fundamental to good psychological health and having sisters promotes this in families.” I agree.


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