Huma Nasery

Bio: Oh, Hi the wonderful visitor, welcome to my blog 🙂 I have no idea from where to start and end since I feel very awkward whenever I have to write or talk about myself :/ Anyways, I have to write at least something, So here you go ppl compliment for being lively and trustworthy and understanding and I quite agree with them 🙂 I love to write although I don’t great writing skills the truth is that I still write, whenever I feel like writing. Besides writing, I also love to learn, live, love, travel, explore and of course EAT 😉 I advocate for justice and appreciate the existence of those who live with ethics and principles ❤ I struggle to beat the beast living in me in order to be able to see the greatness in everyone and find beauty in everything. There are truly hateful little creatures around who mocks me at any moment 😥 I want nothing but to be happy with myself and the rest of the world.

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One thought on “About

  1. Thanks to this beautiful law of attraction, I met you! Love you to a billion bits and may our friendship/sistership keep getting stronger and sweeter with each passing second, minute, year, decade, etc. Hugs ❤


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