In The Middle of Nowhere I Wonder

Winter is fading away snow is saying the final goodbye Wind is whistling welcoming fresh spring My body curled up in the blanket Brain wrapped up in thoughts In the middle of nowhere I wonder To welcome the spring or branch with winter Tell me what should I do Live for today or wait for… Continue reading In The Middle of Nowhere I Wonder


In the Beautiful Streets of Italy

Walking with me A few steps, just a few steps, In the beautiful streets of Italy When the fresh rays Of the morning sun Shined on his face He looked Like a sparkling diamond When the drizzle of sunset Twinkle on his yes He felt like a fresh breeze I found the comfort of the world… Continue reading In the Beautiful Streets of Italy

Reflection on Decolonizing Methodologies

Our today’s class was about “Epistemology” Cambridge dictionary defines epistemology as the theory of knowledge, especially concerning its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is one of the branches of philosophy concerned with the theory of knowledge creation.  It was an exciting topic for me, thus given my interest in the text, I consequently picked it… Continue reading Reflection on Decolonizing Methodologies